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“Spray foam” is an informal term used to refer to various plastic foam materials that are used in building construction to provide thermal insulation and minimize air infiltration.

Spray Foam insulation offers a significant advantage over traditional cellulose or fiber-glass insulation methods due to the difference in thermal retaining ability; otherwise known as an R-value. The R value of an insulation dictates the ability of thermal energy to transfer through a given material such as insulation. While traditional insulation methods appear to offer the same R-values, it is actually quite misleading as traditional insulates do not fill all gaps and crevices leading to many air leaks throughout a given facility or home. These leaks lead to increased energy being used to maintain a given temperature within a home and results in significantly higher energy usage and electricity cost. The solution lies in spray foam insulation due to it’s capability of expanding and restricting all exposed areas within a home in order to provide an efficient and sound barrier between the outdoor elements and the interior of your home or place of business.

Advanced Building Services also offer blown-in, cellulose, and batting insulation as well. While we always recommend spray foam insulation as it provides the best insulation and filtration on the market, we realize that it is not the optimal choice for all of our customers and can adjust to fit any type or caliber of situation.

Here at Advanced Building Services we are focused on saving our customers as much money as possible while providing top notch service that goes above and beyond industry standard.

Thinking of having your commercial or residential building insulated? We offer free bids and consultations. For more information visit our Contact Us page.

Advanced Building Services - Fonts

Here at Advanced Building Services we are focused on providing quick and immediate responses to all of your questions and concerns in order to best serve our customers!

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Here at Advanced Building Services we are focused on providing top notch service when it comes to building maintenance and restoration. We are driven to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with all of our services. Advanced Building Services puts the customer first by minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.

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